Even Superman and Wonder Woman needed Support!

Congratulations! You’ve finally acknowledged that you’re not Superman or Wonder Woman and trying to do all things is near impossible! But on the other hand a big High 5 for keeping the ball on the road. 

It’s no mean defeat to put in longs hours day in, day out trying to keep up with all that has to be done.  The “To Do” list just keeps on growing and there comes a time when you have to ask “do I need an office assistant to support me”?

If I had a magic wand to provide you with 2 spare hours a day, how would you use them? 

  • Would you spend time following up on leads that came looking for you a week ago? 
  • Would you spend the time trying to close that sale you worked so hard on?
  • Would you spend that time to work on a business strategy for the next 3 months? 
  • How about seriously looking at the finance required to purchase/lease that piece of equipment you know you need?

Consider REVA as your Virtual Admin Support Assistant

  • Manage your email account by responding to your enquiries and prioritise who you need to follow up with
  • Send quotations / schedule follow up emails / keep the enquiry live!
  • Manage your diary – organise meetings – send reminders etc
  • Liaise with your suppliers
  • Send & track invoices
  • Design & create content 
  • Type reports
  • Date Entry Management
  • Online research

If by using REVA’s virtual office support service to free up your time to increase sales twofold then the next question you have to ask is this:

“Can I afford not to employ the service of REVA, a reliable efficient virtual assistant?”

The decision is yours, not only that but you decide how best to use the virtual office support services provided by REVA and how long for. There are no long term service contracts, you choose the number of hours you need, when you need them and how they are used.

The choice is yours – REVA your Reliable Efficient Virtual Assistant or continue as you are.