My Virtual Assistant Rates

Here at REVA I offer a choice to accommodate client needs.  I recommend to new clients to consider the hourly rates as this allows you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how I work and decide if you wish to continue engaging my service.

By the Hour – My hourly rate is €40 and you determine the hours in advance to suit your budget. A tracking software is used to track my time and a report is sent at the end of each calendar month. 

By the Project – There are times when a fixed rate is more suitable to the task at hand.  Fixed rates apply to one off projects.  We discuss the scope of work for a project so we both have a clear understanding of what is expected and the desired outcome. Examples of projects may be the development of a marketing strategy, admin & marketing support for an event, market research etc.

Retainer Fee – This is suitable for clients that need to have my service on standby in the event they need additional support. This options suits those clients that may not have the need for ongoing support but may require assistance for a fast turnaround on a task either a personal or work related request.  A minimum of 5hrs can be booked as a monthly retainer. 

Payment Terms – Payment is required in advance with invoices raised on the 1st day of each calendar month. A Service Agreement outlining the terms & conditions will be provided at the beginning of a contract as well as highlighting the service agreed.  

How does the Virtual Assistant service work? 

During our initial call, we can discuss the support required and a service agreement is drawn up.  An invoice is raised and once payment has been received either by PAYPAL or bank transfer I then schedule in the hours as agreed for the time period discussed.  I highly recommend to clients that we agree in advance a day/time for a weekly check-in video call, this helps to ensure all tasks are being completed on time.

If you are interested in arranging a video call, email today and I’ll be in touch.