My Virtual Assistant Rates

Client needs vary and so to accommodate your needs, REVA offers a choice of payment options. We recommend to new clients however to avail of the hourly rates at first. In doing so, it allows you the client an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how we work and to determine if you wish to continue receiving the high end service that is provided by REVA.

By the Hour – My hourly rate is €35 and you determine the hours in advance to suit your budget. You will be kept updated on the hours used so you can decide in advance if you want to purchase more.   I use a time tracking software to track my time for each client. I round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes, issue a time report and send with your invoice.

By the Project – There are times when a fixed rate is more suitable to the task at hand.  To ensure both you and I are happy, we would discuss the scope of work of the project i.e. would it involve me being on-site, the level of post and pre event admin work, budgets, time frame, third party involvements etc.  No two projects are ever the same so it’s important both parties have a clear understanding of what is expected from each other and the desired outcome.

Retainer Fee – Some clients just want to know there is someone to call on when they need a helping hand.  You may not necessarily have a specific task right now, but knowing that you have me on standby should something urgent need doing is worth its weight in gold! I keep an eye on the time involved and let you know in advance if you’re nearing your monthly budget.  This options suits those clients that are budget conscious and like to know their outgoings in advance.

Payment Terms – When it comes to payment hourly rates and retainer fees are paid for in advance. Projects will require a percentage up front with balance due prior to completion of project.  A Service Agreement outlining terms & conditions will be provided at the beginning of any contract so that both you the client and I are aware of what has been agreed.   

How does the Virtual Assistant service work? 

At the initial stage of contact, we can discuss how best to communicate. Most communication is through email, by telephone or a Skype call. It is at this stage we discuss the project and a service agreement is drawn up by REVA based on what was agreed.

If you are happy with the terms & conditions, an invoice is then issued and once payment has been received through our online payment system PAYPAL, we can then schedule in the hours as agreed for the time period discussed.

Are you interested in finding out more?  Contact me by email and we can arrange a time to chat convenient to you.