The “To Do” List – the never ending story that is project management

It’s a never ending story really the “to do” list, so many projects that need doing and like so many others in your predicament, just not enough time. Think of REVA as your “virtual project manager” here to focus on your “to do” list in a reliable and efficient manner.

Did I mention I just love managing projects, the more creative the better!  You see I work best through visualisation, my brain works in colour, images, noise which helps me visualise a project from start to finish. I have this knack of seeing the start and within 30” I know where I want it to end!

That’s the easy part, the hard part is linking all the tasks in between the start and finish lines.That’s where my skills that relate to being organised, focused, detail orientated and ability to research and source services/products comes into play.

I just love projects! I have a special liking for those that relate to managing events big or small! Still not sure if I’m the girl for you, well below are a list of projects I’ve managed over the years

  • Refurbishment of Business Centre (hadn’t seen a paint brush in over 20 years!)
  • Launch of a private hospital (ok so it might have been a little premature but we had a great turn out)
  • Launch of a property development (beauty setting in lovely Donegal, Ireland)
  • Created content and worked directly with web developers on several websites
  • A wedding held over two locations given a period of 6 weeks! (The only things organised were the band and the dress!)
  • Family fundraising events
  • Charitable events

The project/event can be as large or small as you need, it’s all about you.Let REVA take the pressure off so you can concentrate on more important aspects of your growing business.

We’re only a phone call or an email away, no harm done in contacting REVA to see how we can help. If we can great! If not, no worries we’re happy to chat either way.